Saddle sore from lashing!


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Hii im a lash tech and lash litrally all day every day , i use a saddle chair , but i am so sore down below ! Litrally creaming it and feels sore anyone else suffer with this ??


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Poor you,
One of my clients had your problem when she started spinning to get fit. Her doctor examined her and recommended she give up the cycling and use a special cream. Howeve this client was post menopause and you are young to have this problem.
I urge you to seek the advise from your nurse or GP, to rule out other issues apart from just saddle soreness. You need an examination to reassure you .Please do it and don't be embarrased.
Change your chair too, I use skinmate elite by HOF It's not saddle , but you may have to swap for now.
Rosie x

Yeah its the chair, i got a new bike seat and everything was fine, i think you want something broarder with lotsa padding..


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Thank you , ive found using a pillow and loose pants has made me much better xx