Saeyang k38 or Mini Cro

I’m a mobile nail tech and have been for 15 years but always hand filed. Thinking of taking the plunge and purchasing an e-file but not sure which to get but have read about the above saeyang’s. Any thoughts/recommendations would be appreciated xx


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I have a saeyang and impressed with it. Unfortunately I’m having to send the handpiece away to get repaired but I’d still reccomend it

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I have the Saeyang and love it.

Hi ladies,

Thanks for the reply. Which model do you have?

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Bel's Gels

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I have lots of different bits but I mainly use the Atwood Industries Texas Tornado for removing gel polish and bulk.
I do my cuticle prep using a cuticle pusher and mainly I do a lot of hand prep and filing.
I love my efile but I get anxiety using it. When I was training one of my models was very over the top sensitive wise and she shattered my confidence.
So I do a lot of my prep using a hand file and also my finish filing.
But investing in the Saeyang was good for me as its a good quality efile and it helps a bit with my anxiety.


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I've got the Saeyang K38 Clip which I love. The charge lasts ages so it's great if you're mobile as yo won't need a socket to power it everywhere you go.


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I have a Saeyang k35 and love it. Can’t fault it. X