Sally Durant closed! Does anyone know if we’ll get money back?

Yekaterina Fj.

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I was at the beginning of my course (level 4 Diploma in advanced skin studies and aesthetic practice)
I have recieved an email this morning saying the company went bancrupt. The student forum has been archived so i just wanted to know if anyone else in same situation here!
I have paid around £5000 about 2 years ago.
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Matthew Taylor

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If you paid by credit card then there is a chance you could get some back. If you paid by bank transfer then you’ll have to get in the queue behind the main creditors. Such a shame for all the people who invested.
I’m sure the woman is felling pretty bad about the situation too.


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Sorry to say that many people are in the same situation.
What Matthew said is likely correct.

We started a "Former SD Aesthetics Student Group" on fb to share information since all the usual sources were closed (website down, FB group closed, phones unanswered). There is a post there from the Chair of CIBTAC which you might want to read and respond to.

I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post links, but I'll try. The group is at