Salmon Run & Fragrant Freesia disappointing to use

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Has anyone else found the new Salmon Run shade really difficult to apply? I was so excited when I got To use it on a client for the first time but found it really watery and patchy on the first coat, it levelled out on the second coat but I still found it a difficult colour to use. I put a fine layer of gold glitter over the top , it looked very pretty in the end . Also fragrant freesia looks like I've got cotton wool bits stuck in it , is anyone else's very glittery? X


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Are you using Shellac or Vinylux?

My Fragrant Fresia in Shellac is really odd, like you, it looks like bits of fluff or dried up product from around the bottle neck. It smooths out to the touch with Top Coat but still looks bumpy from a distance, looks a bit like a smoothie.

I got Salmon Run in Vinylux, I havent used it yet but was a bit disappointed with the colour it's a very pale pink like cooked Salmon, I was expecting a deeper almost coral colour like raw salmon :irked:

Eden nails

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I'm using shellac, the colour is paler than I thought too, and so is fragrant freesia. They might be okay in the summer when our hands are as tanned as the promo picture but they're far too pale for now x

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I'm having the same issues with Salmon Run, the coverage is not great & my client asked for a third coat, which helped, but I was not impressed by the colour. I found the same with Creekside, 3 coats & luckily my client wanted Silver VIP over the top, which looked great in the end. I've not used the others yet - I have been put off slightly.
I was quite disappointed with the shades of the new colours anyway.
I'm a huge CND Shellac fan normally :)


I've got all of the new collection and have gone down great with my clients who like nudes or paler colours. I use Field Fox, Fragrant Freesia all the time. This layered is also very poplular.

Ive done Salmon run with Dandelion which was gorgeous with white stamping over a few nails..
Salmon run with Vinylux Indigo Frock stamping is a lovely combination too.

I so far have only done 1 Creekside but this was layered with Dazzling Dance .


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I am a little surprised s i found I was really pleased with coverage and colour, being new perhaps they need a particularly good shake to mix it all up properly?


I used salmon run today for the first time gave it a really good shake and defo needs 3 coats . Some fingers seem ok with 2 thicker coats but I have patchy areas .

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Maybe try a layer of cream puff underneath and see if that helps .


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I havn't got them yet, but I would be tempted to get a metal implement in them and give them a good ole stir before shaking.