Salon Store, Scarborough phone number?


Does anyone have the phone number for

Unit 16
Cayley Court
Hopper Hill Road
North Yorkshire
YO11 3YJ

Trying to organise a Return of goods but its turned in to email tennis!



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Nothing on their website, but I guess you know that already ;)

Do you live close by, would it be worth going there in person if you can’t get anywhere with emails?

Finally received an email from the company and now in the process of returning the goods.

Maybe it was all a bit of miscommunication.

Sorted now.


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Glad you have it sorted now but under the Electronic Commerce ( E directive ) Regs of 2002 they are legally obliged to provide their telephone number on their website . THis applies to any UK e commerce site so may well be worth bearing in mind when purchasing from any site . I never trust anyone that does not give a telephone number