Salon System lash lift failures


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Hi All.

I’ve been using the SS Lashlift products for about a year. Recently I noticed the treatment not taking as I’d have expected a few times. I assumed it was because I was getting to the end of the bottles and so it was less effective.

I’ve just used a new set of bottles today, and again there was no significant ‘lift’. I tried to be sparing with the glue, which I appreciate can be a barrier. I do worry that tinting after somehow effects the perm, but that’s how it was trained.

Is anyone else struggling with this?
I have had the exact same thing except I bought brand new sachets. Left on for 15 mins and got just the smallest lift!! Thinking of complaining


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I bought this last lot through an Amazon supplier, and their response was ‘we sell thousands and no one has complained’... be persistent as I did manage to get a refund.

I had the same thing have now changed brands best thing I ever did xx