Salon Systems wax

Any of you use that brand? what are your thoughts on it? cheap as chips and works that way too, or quite decent? up till now ive been using Babyliss satin smooth soft wax - lavender & calendula but im bored & falling out of love with it after so long.


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I've used their tea tree creme wax for a while and it is a little sticky but I'm happy with it. Trialing their multiflex at the moment and so far it's fine but got a hollywood next week so that'll put it to the test!

How did this wax go for Hollywood... i use perron regoit at moment bust was th8nking of trying multi flex?


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The MultiFlex smells lovely and is fine on brows or for very short hairs but I don’t find it the best for intimate waxing as it takes ages to set and snaps causing discomfort to the client. I’d go for a higher end wax such as Kim Lawless or Perron Rigot - there’s not much in the price and the wax is far superior

I’ve just changed from Perron rigot to Kim lawless, absolutely love them