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I've just recently opened a hair salon and am looking at taking on a saturday girl. I have no idea how much the going rate of pay is for under 16s although I know there is no minimum wage. Can anyone give me a rough idea?

Thanks very much :)


I've got a saturday girl and I pay her £17.00, she works for 7 1/2 hours and has an hours lunch, they need to be 14 or older by law, hth
good luck in your new business


I know you are only recently started, but might be an idea to consider someone older on a part time college course (if there is one in your area?). Several of the ladies on my course have been trying unsuccessfully to find something. We all need at least 30 hours in a salon to graduate. You could take someone on voluntarily until things pick up, then pay them, then when they qualify (and you can afford it) increase their hours as a junior?

Maybe not the direction you want to go, but just a thought


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I agree with what ditsy said about considering taking on an older person thats at college - it seems so hard to get your foot in the door if you're over 18! best of luck xxx


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When I was at school (all them years ago) I worked every saturday in a very fancy salon, I got 50p an hour! That was 13 years ago I might add

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We pay £15 for a Saturday. My thinking is is that if they are prepared to work hard for £15 a day they are worth taking on and giving them your time to train them.

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I used to work all day saturday for £9!! ha ha... i loved it though cause i got my hair cut and coloured for free!! ;)

the reason why they are paid so well, is that they do the work of an adult and its probably their only job, and they work hard for it,
good results earn good money
we dont think its fair to under pay them just because they are 15 or so


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Used to pay £24