Sculpting gels


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Hi guys

I usually use Cuccio Pronto Soak Off Gels & I'm wanting to practice my nail extensions using nail forms & sculpting gel - rather than glued tips & overlay gels.

Was thinking the clear soak off gel may not be best for sculpting??

Has anyone used the Cuccio Sculpting gel before (T3 gel?) - if so, is it a hard gel that can only be removed by buffing the gel away or can it be soaked off like the Pronto? T

he Cuccio website explains application in great detail, but lacks information about the removal process for the sculpting gels....

Thanks in advance

Lana x


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the strength of acrylics with the clear look of gels. Sculpting Gel wears naturally on nails and is ideal for tip overlays and sculpting. They are odor-free and have a permanent high gloss shine.


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Thanks for feedback. Think I need to give the sculpting a shot - now to find some guinea pigs to practice on lol!


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The T3 gels are hard gels. They have clear, white and some lovely opaque pinks to cover short nailbeds, ideal for sculpting. Are you hard gel trained? As it's a lot different from using soak off gels and the hard gel is buffed off.


T3 is a lovely gel but tricky to get right as some people find it brittle or easy lifting but I personally don't find either with it .