Self employed or salon owner?


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Apr 10, 2021
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Hi everyone, I was wanting some advice.. I have been hairdressing 15 years and absolutely loveee my job.. I am employed get an ok salary (for an employed hairdresser) and I’m fully booked 5 days a week in the salon with a waiting list.. I make the salon £120k a year I most definitely do not get paid that I get around £26-30k.... I have training regularly and without sounding cocky I know I am one of the best stylists in the area.. I have won big hair comps and made a name for myself and I’m super proud.. I do like where I work and like the company I work for however during lock down it’s really made me think what’s next for me.. I’m 32 with no children and feel like I can’t make much more money where I am and money is my biggest motivator.. soo I initially thought I might go self employed in a salon and that way I can make more money for myself... but then I think shall I rent a small salon/studio space and have my own place... being a “salon owner” scares me and also having all the over heads and stress but I’m thinking i could then have a small team with me eventually in my own salon, rather then me being a self employed girl within somebody else’s salon... just wondered if any of you guys had been a similar position and which u decided to go for?

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