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Hello, I'm new on this site. I'm an advanced mobile pedicurist and most of my clients have mobility issues. I've been experimenting with different ways of sitting while giving a pedicure and nothing is very comfortable, ie, hard on back, neck etc. I bought a zero gravity chair to take along with me but the clients prefer sitting at a kitchen chair.
I've looked at stadium seats, boats seats, meditation cushions and am currently using a stool but it is very hard on me. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I'm not sure there is an easy answer to this. My sister has just given up her podiatry business and retired as her back is just too painful now and she had purpose built gear designed to minimise back strain.

On the other hand I just met a lady who is a mobile podiatrist who's still going strong at 67. She says she gets back ache too but it's tolerable.

I don't think the difference is down to working positions as sis had state of the art and the other lady made do with whatever was at hand. If your back is going then you need to take care of it and that might ultimately mean diversifying into offering different services that you can manage more easily.

Hi, I was recommended an orthopaedic chair.. you sit in the lower bit and the client puts their foot on the higher bit. I’ve tried it on a friend so far and it is pretty comfy x