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Discussion in 'Hair' started by Gorgeouslocks21, Feb 13, 2018.

  1. Gorgeouslocks21
    Does anyone else find they are constantly replying to customers/clients?
    I feel like when i have finished work/finished all my extension appointments my mind is not switched off from work mode as i am constantly replying to people on social media.
    I dont want to not reply or they may book in else where.
    I also dont have a business phone i use my personal phone as with my i phone the camera quality is amazing and i can upload pics straight to Instagram and fb which i couldn't do on a cheaper work phone.

    Does anyone have a polite reply they send if someone messages say after 8/9pm?
  2. Eloise86
    Pretty sure I phone and android phones can automatically send texts out on certain days and times if ppl text? Xxx
  3. Gorgeouslocks21
    ooh i didnt know that! i know you can with facebook, i'll have to google it to see if u can with texts!x
  4. Eloise86
    Something along the lines of “hi there thank you for contacting ‘said business name’ we will get back to you as soon as we can
    That way they get acknowledgement of the text and gives you the chance to reply when you can. You could also state for example if the salon is closed on sundays and Mondays so ppl know xxx
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  5. LWlengths

    I find it so hard trying to get the right balance.

    It's always in the back in my mind that if I don't reply to them they will book elsewhere but its not always possible.

    Have a template stored in your phone.. maybe sending this to them quickly instead of having to read through the whole enquiry would be less time consuming, you can then rely to them in the morning.

    You could explain in the template that you will be in touch within so many hours etc etc and then leave some information about your business to keep them interested through to the next morning ! Loool.

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  6. Minkeybox
    Ive not found anything that can send automated txt messages :(

    Facebook pages/messenger & emails have this option (used to be called out of office reply in my day) but despite all that Iphones can do, they cant do automated txt replies.

    Please tell me Im wrong as I have been looking for this for yonks to have a ‘proper’ day off!

    I Tried replying with a template, but I just ended up replying & conversing anyway lol! Xx
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  7. Gorgeouslocks21
    That’s the same as me I always have to end up altering the template depending on their message and then just end up replying anyway lol x
  8. Gorgeouslocks21
    Yea I try to leave it until the morning but I know it’s in the back of my mind to reply to them so I just send up replying lol I’ll have to just turn my phone off after a certain time haha x
  9. Minkeybox
    The automatic replies I do have direct ppl to my website, do they follow it & look up prices? Noooo! They still blooming message lol xx
  10. C.R
    I feel your pain, I'm in exactly the same position myself . Generally, if it's past 9pm I just won't reply until the following morning x

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