Serious contact dermatitis !!

Help please!! What can I do to clear it up? I'm now on steroid cream and that's not helping either. Any advice please?


Hi, i too recently posted on here with a similar problem, am i right assuming its ur hands?? If so I was recommended body shop hemp, i use the balm, which i smother my hands in before bed along with solar oil. I have also switched my hand washes to l'occitane which contain shea butter, along with regularly using cetreben from my gp. My hands are not perfect but I no longer have the patches of red cracked skin!! This weather aggravates the problem, so make sure ur wearing gloves when u go out. Really hth and u get the problem sorted soon xxx

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You need to find out what's triggering it, and then substitute that product, or limit exposure to it. Just treating contact dermatitis is not enough, as it will never clear up.
If it is acetone causing it for instance, wear gloves when dealing with acetone.


Dettol is the culprit for me.... Never go near the stuff now!!!


I have a severe allergy to acrylic and unfortunately you either have to remove it from your services or in my instance I wear marigolds. Not the most attractive but I've tried everything else and this is the only thing that works for me


I suffered from really bad overexposure to a combination of things (monomer running down my brush/acrylic infill dust/acetone) in the first year in the salon. Nearly packed it all up. There's no point in just treating it. You need to figure the cause of it, and if you can't remove it completely then work cleaner, and wear gloves as much as possible.

I still have scars on my finger and my forearms where the dermatitis was that bad.

We weren't taught anything about overexposure and the risks to ourselves and our clients when I first trained.

There are heaps of threads in here about overexposure, have a read. Fingers crossed you sort it before it gets any worse x


Hi I've had this very recently and after going back after 1st lot of steroid cream the 2nd visit to doctors I was given different steroid cream and some antibiotics, this has cleared it up loads!!

Also for anytimes it flares up, or with things I have found that irritate it I wear them tight thin cotton gloves you can buy (tesco/superdrug/bodycare) then put the latex gloves on top so the latex isnt touching my skin and neither are the products.

I've also found when flared up washing up liquid is really bad so going to get some oilatum or something like that to wash hands in as been told it leaves a protective layer on skin, avoiding all purfumed hand creams and products once washed seemed to work, just apply steroid straight after washing :)


I have it from a latex allergy but is triggered by various detergents but marigolds also aggravate it for me - try vinyl/nitrile gloves, the non powdered sort x

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Dear all, NONE of us should be wearing latex gloves in a salon environment because of the risk of exposing an allergic client to the product.

Vinyl/nitrile, tweezers etc is the only way...