Service provided but then forgot payment


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Hi there , had a gent come in for a perm, he has bern several times, never had a problem. This time he said forgot bank card, said girlfriend would bring it up. Tried to contact him but give false mobile number, have an address but not sure whether that will be fake too. Messaged him on Facebook and told several times he would get it too us , and he mom would get it too us . Have contacted Police but because we have agreed a time scale it is now a civil matter. Any ideas on how to get our money back thank you


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If he gave you a false address and phone number, then it is a police matter as that’s deliberate theft. They obviously don’t want to be bothered but I’d go back and insist on them logging it as a crime.


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I don't have an answer for you but something similar happened to me years ago.....
A lady came for regular acrylic nail services for a few months. We had her details and she would talk about her job at a local care home. Always paid cash but then one day paid by cheque... no problem until it was returned unpaid by the local bank.
So we tried to contact client - phone number not recognised.
Tried her bank but they refused to contact her.
Tried phoning her workplace- they had never heard of her!!! All a pack of lies !!! Never heard anything of her again...

And on another note.... we had a lady who claimed she couldn't pay because her husband had just died in the twin towers disaster ... follow that one!!