Session work - my dream job!


Hey everyone!

As the title suggests my dream job would be doing models nails at a photoshoot for a magazine or campaign. Have any geeks who may have done this got any inspiring stories to tell me about how they got into it?

This is a long way off for me, but I like to have my dreams to try and work towards and sitting at work looking out at the rain its nice to talk about it!

Don't get me wrong, doing anyones nails well and for a living is a dream job in itself but I mean that is my dream job within this industry.

Im interested to know also anyones elses dream job in this industry?

Looking forward to replies! x x

keri R

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hi natalie!

I haven't done session work with nails, but i have as a make-up artist so i thought i might be able to help with a few ideas of how you could get started and share some of my experiences.

A good way if you haven't got any session experience is to get in contact with any student/up and coming photographers who might help you get some really good photos to put together a portfolio. Fashion students doing shoots are also usefull contacts as are make-up artists who might be feeling creative and want nails to compliment their make-up in their pictures! i would say, like make-up artists, it's important to have good pictures to show the people that matter! (dont forget to include natural type shots as well as you at your most creative!)

Next step would be trying to make contacts in the idustry, make-up artists, stylists, photographers, camera men...if you know anyone who knows anyone utilize them! sometimes it really isn't what you know, but who you know-the good thing is, all those you do know will tell those you don't how great you are!

Once you're on set, remember to make friends as people will remember you and may even ask for you specifically for other projects!

I actually decided to learn nails after being on one too many sets as an assistant where i ended up having to do the models nails- manicures weren't my strong point! Now- as soon as i've completed my NVQ- i'd be confident in sorting the model/actresses nails out and maybe even making them as much of a feature as the hair and make-up!

Good luck with your dream and never give it up!!!


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i would soooo love to do session work but just dont know whare to start, it would defo be a dream job:)


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Me too Would love how to get into it. Hope she don't mind me saying but Glorsclaws (gloria) has done some work for scratch mag and also nailtopia as I sometimes buy there stuff and has modelled her nails with them so if you ask her she might tell you
Ali xxxxx

emma m

i hope amanda (aka lily) dosent mind me putting her mane forward but she's worked with mum on session work like this. she might be able to help you with any information you need.

or pm mum and she might be able to give you some advice of how to get started.


Thanks for your replies everyone, very kind!

x x x x