setting up a tutorial


Can anyone let me now how to put photos between paragraphs when doing a tutorial, if you just upload them they all end up in a line at the end of the text. As fellow geeks have asked I am doing a tutorial on my sunflowers but can not see how I can put a photo to show what I am explaining in each paragraph.



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sent a jpage just in case are the loaded in your gallery


No they are not, would that make a difference, when I started doing the tutorial I found the page the same as putting pictures on a thread at the end of the document where I want to put them in between paragraphs.


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With my 3d tutorial I had to add them as links/script.
The pics are hoasted on my website.
You then right click on a pic, select properties, this will bring up a seperate box.
select & copy the address (URL) section.
Then go to your tutorial.
You will then click on the little pic icon.
This will bring up a box that will request the URL of the image
paste the url in & click on ok
This will add the IMG tags to the URL, and you pic will appear in your page like so......

There are many free sites that will hoast your pics. I think PhotoBucket is a popular one. Just remember to watermark images & if you decide to move the images about on your hoast site, you will have to check the tutorial, as the pics may need to be re-done.
Hope this helps you.
Give me a shout if you get stuck!