Setting up second premises - invest in new technology or use what works?


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An opinion required...

If you were setting up your second premises, would you simply replicate the exact same thing as what you do at your current place or would you consider offering something different?
Logic says it should be the same as first premises (website, marketing etc) but with having to invest £££ on new machines etc, its hard not to look for shinier items. Also, it then becomes a time to let go off machines you're not so convinced of (quality).


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I think the end goal is to ensure both premises have the same set up and technology. It just makes things more efficient and easier to scale should you go for a third or more in the future.

If any of your existing technology is not up to scratch, it could be just the time to change. But like you say, not just because it’s more shiny - but because it really would better your processes.

So it might be a case of introducing new stuff into premises 2 first, then once it’s up and running, replicate it in premises 1.


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Took awhile to find time to be back on this forum!

That's a good point. My current machines are wonderful but technology is definitely better now. I suppose it would be better machines at the new place and then replacing as old ones wear out. Thanks for that.