Severe nail dehydration


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Hi geeks,

I have a client who has shellac regularly every two weeks. I use all cnd products and no tools when removing shellac. Also use nourishing remover and my client uses solar oil and scentsations hand cream by the bucket load. The cuticle literally rubs off her nails they are sooooo soft.

But the one thing she suffers from is bad white dehydration of the rest of the nail plate. I was wondering would a week soak in Almond milk bath be of benefit to her. I was thinking of literally putting 1oz in a small ramikin type bowl and getting her to lay just her nails in there for 10 to 15 mins then adding a little water just to wash her hands in.

Does anyone KNOW if this will help or will it not make a difference. I don't want to retail something to her thats of no consequence or could jeopardise her shellac.

thanks karen xxxxx