shampoo for chemically treated hair


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I got my hair straighted with Japanese straightening treatment, what is the best (stylists recommend) shampoo. conditioner, moisture conditioner for my hair.
I want to stick with one brand that is specifically for chemically treated hair


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I had my hair straightened after a dodgy perm lol and I knew that having colour on my hair I needed to invest in a good shampoo and conditioner so I purchased Tigi Self Absorbed which is designed for chemically treated hair, I love all Tigi products and I now have nice shiney hair, I would of thought the stylist would of recommended hair care products to you as part of the aftercare?

Sue :) x x


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I agree with Sue, you should have been recommended a hair care product, but you cant go wrong with Tigi, its gorgeous, does what it is supposed to do leaves hair lovely and shiny and the smell is to die for..mmm


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h, the stylist recommended redken, I had the treatment almost a year ago, I did not like redken, and I did not like the stylist, he ruined my hair by dying my hair the same day he did the straightening, so I don't trust him.
Your stylist recommended Tigi products?