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Hi everybody. I am new here. I am a future hairdresser and I want to ask you a question about my type of hair.
Well I used to wash my hair everyday because the 2nd day they seemed so flat. Now after all I wash them 2 times per week. I have to mention that I lose hair the last 2 years due to Alopecia but still i have a lot of hair (I only lost in the back so far). I use Loreal Shampoo for strengthening, the conditioner, the mask and the serum. So at least I can give some nutrients to the root to slow down the fall. But my hair still look flat the next day, and also they are very very oily. So I wonder what kind of shampoo I shall use. My main problems are that my scalp is oily, my hair are thin and flat. and also my hair fall. So I wonder if I must use:
A streghthening shampoo
A shampoo for volume
or a shampoo for oily hair
I know that maybe oil make my hair flat, but they are thin too. I use loreal elvive shampoo, conditioner, mask, serum (arginine resist x3 for strengthening) but I think a lot about the "Fibraology", which can make the hair look thicker but I know that if I stop use it, my hair will stop being thick. It's not permanent. Any ideas? I am looking forward to hear you opinions.


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Hey hun,

I would recommend only using conditioner on the ends of your hair as adding conditioner to the root of your hair will make your hair greesy!

Try washing your hair with Sulphate free shampoo. You can get these in salons or amazon.

Sulphate is in most cleaning detergents and is NOT good for your hair.

When washing your hair try these simple steps.

- Throughly rinse your hair with water to make your hair soaking wet.
- Apply a 50p size of your sulphate free shampoo on your hand and then apply it all over your hair.
( If your hair doesn’t foam up it’s not a problem you do not need to use more shampoo it’s just a indication that your hair is dirty.

- keep scrubbing your hair and then throughly rinse

Repeat above and you will find your hair is foaming ( this is because you have successfully removed all the dirt.

- Finally use a very small size of conditioner only on the ends of your hair.

Rinse and towel try, use heat protector only on the ends and then try with your hair dryer.

This should sort your problem.

Thnx for your answer. My conditioner atm touch the roots as I have short hair. I shaved my hair after had them several time bleached so its quite difficult not to touch the roots. I use loreal elvive strengthening system (shampoo, conditioner, mask and serum) and my hair look very healthy (even my hairdresser said that my hair look strong and healthy). I will try find a sulfate free shampoo for thickening and strengthening and I ll follow whatever you said.


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If your hair is quite short you may not need to use conditioner at all

Your scalp produces a lot of grease naturally so it would condition your hair without you doing a thing.

Try this for a few weeks and see how it feels xx


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Big sexy hair is both I think sulphate free and gives extra volume, I use it.

I need something for both thickening and strengthening. My hair is too oily but I use a DIY dry shampoo and it helps me a lot. I will check all of those products.