Share your certificate wall

House Beauty

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Hi Geeks,

I’ve just got my certificates for my latest courses and want to display them. There are so many I’ve not bothered before as the shorter course ones looked like a massive advert for the training academy (huge bold writing taking up whole page with their name), so now I have some less intense ones I’m putting them up and I think it’s time to stop hiding my well earned certs and look like the professional I am.

At the moment I have them in a folder but nobody has ever looked at them so I would like to display at least the new and main ones (feel like a show off with them all up) and my style is generally very minimal so just not sure how to go about it without it looking really busy.

I’d love to see/hear about what you’ve done with your gallery walls and decor or any unique ways of displaying them.


I have mine all framed and up on one wall. A certificate wall if you will. I haven’t put every single cert up but I have the main ones plus those relevant to what I offer. I also have my Guild Memberships certs up there too. I think it looks more professional and business like.


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I have a shelf and just lean them up against the wall in frames. My insurance is in the middle and the rest next to each other on either side.