Shedul client group message

Bel's Gels

Qualified Nail Technician
Hi. I have been using Shedul for a year now, before Fresha came along.
I thought there was an option where you could send a group message to your clients. I thought by sms but I could be wrong, it might have been email only.

For example a Christmas message, details of specials. I thought you could do this and personalise the message.

Can anyone please advise? I have looked and looked as I desperately need to send out a group message to my clients this week. Shedul have not answered my email from early last week which is so disappointing.


think it is via fresha. When I was on fresha I got a mail with a list of ways to send messages. will see if I can find it....


Here is a link to the how to do Email marketing bits....