Shellac chipped!

Hi im new to salon geek but i have been trained in CND Shellac for 4 years now and havnt really had any problems before now. I did a clients nails for her holiday 12 days ago and she got back today to say that they havnt lasted well at all. She explained that they chipped about 6 days in.... i asked for pics of all the chips and a pic of each hand. What do you think? Is this my application or clients heavy hands? Also i explained all aftercatere but client did not want to buy solar oil. not sure what to do. Any advice appreciated thanks! Xx


I don't use shellac I use Gelish. But I do know that aftercare is especially important on holidays (assuming she went abroad). Suncreams, insect repellent and chlorine can all affect the longevity of gel polish.

I always advise my clients to wash their hands after each suncream application, swim etc but I know that many do not follow this advice, I myself don't tend to wash my hands when I get out the pool on holidays. Solar oil would've been good for her to be using out there but you can't force someone to buy it.

I personally wouldn't be offering any kind of refund or redo for free.
Has she had shellac before? I know I can't get more than 3-4 days with shellac where as I can go up to 3 weeks with Gelish. Some gels aren't suited for certain people.

Not much you can do really, if she's not into aftercare or looking after them then what's the point in paying out to get it done?.


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Shit balls her cuticles are disgusting ! I wouldn't bother replying that is self indicted PICKING. Look at her cuticles and then the sides she has picked those . Sis !


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TBH there's no point asking for pics after 12 days. She should've sent them at 6 days if she had a problem and it certainly looks like she hasn't been following aftercare.


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It look like it is more than 12 days to me. I agree with Cinderella 71 she should have sent you when happened you obvious can do much shellac +14.


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Sorry you can't do much now


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That is a lot of regrowth for 6 day's chipping. If they really starting chipping at six days by the time these pics were taken they would be worse.