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Discussion in 'Nail' started by Nails Plus, Mar 15, 2010.

  1. TweezerHappy
    Ticket for the event you say... I'll fight anyone for it :lol:

    It's an infrared lamp used for Minx. I think if you can use a Brisa lamp and also the new lamp then I'm guessing the new lamp will be a smaller UV lamp. Maybe similar in size to the small one bulb lamp NSI sell for Glaze Go or Perma Polish
  2. Gigit
    Since this applies out of the bottle like the Brisa white paint and Brisa top-gloss (such as a nail polish bottle but with gel) I can't say I'm too exited. I prefer applications with a brush and pot. Curious to try it if it's priced properly, otherwise... I can't say I'm into that application method.
  3. sachi
    I am in Oregon. Still a bit to far! But I am Moving to Florida in June and can not wait to see what will be in that area when I get there! I will only be 2hr from Miami (west palm beach!). I think that allot more training will be in that area of the US then in Medford Oregon. (we call it DeadFord):irked: I SOO can not wait!
    Here there is nothing but MUCH older ladies and they just want L&P and a polish. Miami and West palm Has SOO many dif ethnicity's and cultures! I have talked to a few Nail Techs down there that say they get to do all kinds of art! (happy dance) But the Older gals here make me get the prep etc down pat! So I should have that all nice and good before I go on to more colors!
  4. Bettierae
    Now THATS excitement lol x x

    Also how many mls will the bottle hold/ how many sets will you get out of one bottle!
  6. essentia
    Hope I do not sound thick here but is the new Shellac cured after every stage like bio etc or just one cure at the end after top coat? Thanks.:)

    I am sure by what I have read it gets cured after every stage.
    This is a link added a few pages back that is a fantastic read.
    Introducing CND Shellac Hybrid Nail Color | All Lacquered Up
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  8. The Geek
    Staff Member
    1. Yes
    2. I don't know the answer to that - its not what its been designed for if that helps :)
    3. I don't know the answer to this - I would wager "most likely not".

    Someone also asked about lamps and curing... You must use a UV lamp that puts out the same amount of UV output as the current Brisa lamp (this is different than "wattage").
    LED will not cure it (or any other UV cured product).
    Infrared lights will not cure it (or other uv cured products either).
    You need to cure each layer as you go along.

    We are desperately trying to balance our goals. One of which is always giving you all the info you want and need ANOTHER is trying to surprise and delight. It isn't an easy line to walk you know!

  9. deanosnana
    Staff Member
    But, you do it so well! :hug:
  10. ~Emmsybabes~
    I am LOVING this thread..... :D
    This excited feeling people have is awsome, and is defo catching... I love it.

    (I have to admit, I wondered what shape the bottles will be and what they will look like too lol)

    Only thing I have really wondered
    ( I am prepared to wait and be excited about something I don't know much about really it's like christmas... you are excited but you don't know what you are getting, so you don't know what your'e excited for ! lol)
    Is can we use the effects over it to give a bit of a sparkle or shimmer... But I am imagining yes... so wooooooo
  11. An*Gel
    I'd love to know if it will have a display stand, so our clients will know it's different from the Enamels we already have.

    God, I just can't wait to get my mitts on it :lol:

    It just goes to show how we geeks love our jobs..... I'm 10 years in the industry and still get sooooooooooo excited over new products!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
  12. min11
    I don't want to know anything about it, I want to find all that out at The Event. I'm actually disappointed I know what all the hoohaa has been about all ready. It's like some one told me what my Christmas gift was just before I opened it :lol::lol:
  13. Chameleon
    After reading all these posts it brings back home the passion that returns again and again to beuty hair and nail geeks....i still hope i am included as one even though i only "pop in" from time to time:green:

    It was only a matter of time befor CND listened to the client and came up with an idea....CND do not follow trends,they set the trend:idea:

    If only i could of made it to the event,alas i am taking my finals and writing up dissertations,finishing work placements for my PGCE primary teaching:Scared:...not that i am scared LOL

    Shellac sounds like it will be a success....something that is always on the agenda at CND....i wish Sam,Samantha,Gigi and CND UK all the luck that they will have.After all,they get back ten fold what they give,and that is what makes them a great team:hug:
  14. shuntersue
    I cannot wait! I am so excited by this new product. Roll on May!
  15. Mrs Geek
    Understand whay you are saying - but this isnt the same... this is 'hybrid' UV3 technology - it's completely different to Brisa hence another patent pending. I see many people apply coloured gels from pots and the 'look' of the nail is often dinted and thicker. This really is like polish but feels like gel AND - it removes in 10 minutes falt - really! :) not buffing at all - so be a little excited - it really is very cool.:!:
  16. lauren.
    I think it sounds fantastic and I cant wait. Ive got some clients with good natural nails who dont need enhancements and dont really want a hard gel because they dont like the 'buffing' off, so they have polish but hate the sitting around after waiting for it to dry and also want something to give a bit of protection to their nails.......Shellac sounds like it is exactly what they want and what I need!!!:green::green::green::green:
  17. TweezerHappy
    That is exactly why I'm excited too. :green:
  18. catsaremad
    I hate buffing off gel..................... roll on the shellac !!!
  19. Katmoz33
    As you are kind of comparing the shellac to the colour gels, would shellac give the natural nail any additional strength or would you just use this with a manicure like a nail polish?
    If it's just like a polish, then it's the thing missing between a colour gel and a polish? Is it?
    Hope that made sense :) lol
  20. KitCat
    There's been talk of Shellac on our beauty forum, and a CND rep mentioned this "UV3 Technology". Can someone describe this to me in actual scientific terms because it sounds like a silly buzzword to me. I am all for marketing, and ads, and hype for a product, but CND is usually pretty good about giving the scientific backing for their words. So any takers on "UV3 technology"?

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