Shellac nudes?


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Evening geeks

I've got a regular client who has got a new job working at Hilton Hotel, which is great and she loves it, only problem is she can't wear bright colours on her nails!!

They said she can wear light or nudy colours, she's not much of a pinky person and there's so much of browny nudes that I can do.

I wanted to ask if anyone has any layering combinations for nudes & natural colours in shellac.

Cocoa with moonlight & roses (if you still have it) is gorge. I'm not a bit nude/pale colour fan for on my own nails but love this combo.

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Grapefruit sparkle - layered over satin pjs ... X
I work in a hotel part time alongside my beauty business and we're only allowed french or neutral.
I've worn bare chemise before and have also done a glitter fade on them. It's also nice with silver vip status over the top. I've managed to wear Cityscape quite a bit along with Rosebud. That said, I've also gotten away with Plum Paisley with gold stamping!

I actually find some of the more neutral colours fab to do glitter fades and stamping on. There's still nail art there but it's not as noticeable but I like that it's a bit more subtle. French is nice with an accent nail if she wanta to jazz it up or a glitter line in between the pink and white.

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