Shellac pricing?


Sorry if this has been asked a zillion times.
i am doing the S2 training in two weeks super excited!!!
However after checking out local pricing I am confused.

My local salon charge £13.50 for Shellac Mani with dry prep, this includes removal if they are reapplying!! so cheap!!

One mobile lady charges £15 for Shellac application, £22 for Shellac Manicure her normal mani (£10) includes cuticle work file and polish. Does this mean she does a Shellac application without a prep for £15 is that possible???

Can anyone shed light on this. When you charge £20-25 is this with a dry prep or a more intense prep with cuticle away etc..... x


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Wow, that is so cheap, I give a manicure, with cuticle away, and file etc then apply shellac and solar oil, I charge £25 but am doing a winter promotion for £20, I think that's reasonable, you gotta make a profit after all!


Hi. I'm mobile and I charge £25 for Shellac with full prep including cuticle away, as trained by CND. I do free removal if I've applied the Shellac to encourage people to remove properly and rebook.

I'm not sure how someone can do Shellac without prep as they're not following the system. Mind you I have heard a few horror stories - one client yesterday told me that a salon preps nails with electric buffer and also hold their brush under a lamp before applying Shellac - very strange. No wonder whatever it was the salon used peeled off in the bath!


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The shellac pep is dry, unless there are really stubborn cuticle you use cuticle away. X


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I use cuticle away with my pep like ive been shown at s2 on the courses ive done. I charge £25 special at mo for £20 and im mobile.


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The full Shellac service should inclue, File,Shape,Cuticle work and polish. Some people do the added extras such as handcream etc.

It doesnt make a difference whether pep is wet or dry, thats totally dependant on the clients nails. I do mostly dry pep but it depends how difficult the clients cuticle is to remove. You should always do a thorough pep whether its wet or dry.

I charge £25.
Free removal if redoing.
£15 removal including mini mani if not.