Shellac removal service


I have a client who is coming for Shellac removal only, she is going to leave getting a reapplication at the moment. I would appreciate if anyone could tell me what the service should involve. Also don't know how much to charge her. Thankyou.

The process should be a straight forward removal, wrapping up fingers with foils, removing product then tidying up nails, cuticle oil and hand lotion. This is my routine for removal only, usually a removal only charge approx £5.


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For removal only I charge £12. It includes a mini manicure so file nails, cuticle tidy, mini massage and solar oil.

If they don't want this I retail them one of the Shellac remove tubes for them to do at home.


If we put the Shellac on, we often don't charge for removal if it is a good client, even if they're not having it reapplied - it depends. A client came in just for removal the other day and spent over £60 on products, so we just didn't charge her. She's a good client and regularly has Shellac. More and more we are getting clients with god knows what on their nails, so charge £12 removal which includes removal, nail tidy and a protein treatment. If it takes too long to remove the charge goes up accordingly!!!

Hope that helps

Vicki x


Thankyou that's great just wasn't sure whether to do cuticle work or not but I will keep it quick and simple. :biggrin:

Klassy Klaws

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I always perform a manicure after removal, I don't give the client an option of just a removal as I want them leaving me with their nails looking fabulous.
Its important to make sure you have rehydrated the nails after the removal so by performing a manicure your bringing the nails back to looking there best.

If its one of my clients who requires the removal (without reapplication) then I charge £20 (free removal just price of a manicure) but if its someone who I didn't apply the CND Shellac then its £27 for the removal.


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If I've put the Shellac on then I charge £5 for removal, this includes tidy up and solar oil.

If its a product put on by anyone else I change £5 if it comes off in 10 mins (ie Shellac) then £5 per 15 mins depending on how long it takes, also includes tidy up and solar oil.


Emily Case

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I charge £10 for a removal with an express manicure, plus £2 if they want a Vinylux colour applied.

Shellac that I have applied I will remove for free before reapplication, but if someone comes in with an unknown product I charge £5 every 15 mins :)



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How do you deal with removal when the client doesn't know what has been used on their nails by their previous nail tech? (I have a client coming tomorrow morning for shellac)

Also how have you worded removal services on your websites? I'd prefer not to remove other peoples work but as I'm only starting out I don't really want to be turning clients away.