Show us your Artistic Colour Gloss pics

As the title says I know there's one for gelish etc but looking to try a few colours and would love to see the pics of all you talented nail techs using the artistic range xxx


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Here's Vogue, Posh and With It ImageUploadedBySalonGeek1378674986.777010.jpg ImageUploadedBySalonGeek1378675024.261974.jpg ImageUploadedBySalonGeek1378675062.151581.jpg
Ooooh thank you I've ordered posh and that looks lovely liking the other 2 as well
At present I've ordered posh, spoiled and riveria blue don't the the names off heart .... Yet
But thank you again xxx


These are Fly, Caviar for Breakfast, De Blue & Snapdragon :)



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They are lovely to apply, never have any trouble. Should have said the Posh pic has Gelish Waterfield on top. (You can use them together)


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I have loads of Gelish colours and about 12 ACG. Posh and Vogue are my most popular out of all my Gelish and ACG.
These pics are fab thank you I'm waiting for my 1st batch if colours I've ordered and can't wait to try xx


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I sadly don't have pictures right now but I bought the summer collection and my favorites are 'Chill' and 'Wild'..I love the creamy teal color of 'Chill' and love the creamy pale yellow color of 'Wild'. Gelish doesn't have a pale yellow like that so I thought I would just buy the whole collection to see how I like them. And so far, so good!
I've heard acg and gelish are sister companies, is this true? Does anyone have any written confirmation if you can use gelish lamp for acg? And did you all have to train with acg to be insured? X

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Yes you can. I had an email from both companies to say you can use them together and Gelish say you can use their base and top with any other gel polish.


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Gotta love Posh, my most requested colour by far. :biggrin:

ImageUploadedBySalonGeek1378856832.348600.jpg ImageUploadedBySalonGeek1378856852.118825.jpg ImageUploadedBySalonGeek1378856883.134023.jpg
These are done using artistic colour gloss


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This is 'Sooo In' and Irresistible holographic purple glitter.


Just done these on me on ImageUploadedBySalonGeek1378928281.502893.jpg
Loving them
Do any of you think with them being sister companies, gelish would ever bring out the same colours, as there are a couple of ACG colours I love but im holding out for gelish to bring out something similar as im very OCD about mixing brands lol, I love my white gelish shelf with all my white gelish bottles on them :o


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I actually received my first 8 artistic colours yesterday. I'm moving over from Gelish for various reason's, and I'm super impressed so far. Consistency between the colours is very similar and i have the newest fall collect and some of the more original colours.

This is 'Fly' and its a beautiful colour but it says its a blue on the website and the swatch looks blue so its easy to miss it

These are, from left to right. Wild, Graceful, Vogue, Fly, Intoxicating, Empowered, Determined and Intriguing. The 4 on the right are the new Fall 13 collection
Ooh had a few colours I'm wearing posh and def a fantastic recommendation I am loving this colour .... Just added a little sparkle to both ring fingers xxx ImageUploadedBySalonGeek1378987140.169802.jpg