Show us your Artistic Colour Gloss pics

Struggling with the coverage on swag , any tips ? X


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My chubby hands :biggrin:

Rock hard gel enhancements & colour gloss in temperamental, poised & dangerous.



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Does anyone have a pic of some good nudes, I have medieval madness in gelish which I love but it is very thin so takes good 3/4 coats to get good coverage, I have looked at need a tan but I am told that is thin too and eur so chic has a shimmer in which I am not fond of sooo has ACG got any that are good?

I love shellac bare chemise but I don't wan to invest in yet another brand to get the nude my clients and I ;) are craving.

Thank you xx
Light brown toned nudes - all 2 coats :biggrin:




Ladies I'm gutted that you are finding swag to be a nightmare, I find it awesome. I had a problem with coverage from my old bottle, binned that and got a new one and it's one of my best colours for coverage xxx


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Did these yesterday. Vogue with Gelish Wa ImageUploadedBySalonGeek1380745570.741849.jpg terfield on top. Love em.

How do stop colours like peach whip pulling away from the side when it's curing

Hi guys. Do you think they will have the same show offers at pro beauty that they did at Olympia ? X


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Hi guys. Do you think they will have the same show offers at pro beauty that they did at Olympia ? X

Yes they have some great offers at Pro Beauty, I think I saw 3 for 2 on ACG polish plus 20% discount on orders over £100.

Have a look on the Professional Beauty website or give Louella Belle a ring. :p

abi, could the pulling away at side be because its not been dry brushed in those little nooks?

Okay will try don't normally get that as I paint really well it's only colour like precious and peach whip it happens

Did this beautiful feather look

It's free hand
"Snapdragon" "Tease" and "Sassy" xxx ImageUploadedBySalonGeek1381174366.878727.jpg

Is that free hand or with feathers?
Sorry I should of said thank you these are hand drawn and it's so easy use a striping brush

Some of my ACG...