Shrinking Gelish on tips


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I had a lady last night who had lady in red and for some reason I had to keep putting extra on tip as kept shrinking? Anyone else had this? Used lots of ph bond. Any recommendations please? Also went on quite patchy.
Are u putting it on really thin? Sometimes when I paint a tip with too much product it wrinkles? Gotta do 2 or 3 really thin coats instead?

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Ive found this wish starburst but only on a couple clients. I put on extra ph bond and dry brush the foundation coat a little more than normal. The colour coat then seems to have more to 'cling' to.

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This happens to me with some colours on some clients. Normally dark colours. When I've painted one hand I go over the free edge again before quickly getting it in the lamp. If the first coat is covered the next coats go on fine. X
I just do 1 nail at a time and flash cure them voila no more problem