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Jan 12, 2003
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Greven, Germany
8) Thanks for that, I'll post a piccie on here and then let the great geek give me a few pointers or any one else, all comments appreciated, just incase I want to compete.
When I get up the courage do do that! The day I can say competion without feeling that icky feeling in my tummy :pukeon:
Love Ruth:flower:

This is Salon Standard French Tips with Silk :flower:

That was the image I was thinking of - gorgeous :thumbsup: Geek and I were laughing because we actually had that phone system that the 'hand' is holding but they all broke so we had to get new ones :D
Do you think that they are up to competion ???????
What could I do better, what could I do different,
Any input welcommed :salute:
love Ruth :rolleyes:
I don't know how Geek Boy does the little circles on the nails to point out things so just bare with me. Also think of this as 'construtive comments' as 'salon' nails, they are lovely!

For competition, the whites need to be shorter (to win) also, your 'smiles' are a little too far down the plate - especially on the pinky! I'm thinking you used white tips here so correct me if I'm wrong!!! If you look at the index finger (at the top of the phone) and a lttle on the pinky - they are a little 'egyptian hattish' - they need tapering more - for competition THINK CONSISTENT - they must all be same shape, length etc.... Hopt this helps a little - they look super ;)
Your pic changed from gorgeous nails to one being painted - did you know? :huh: Just thought it wierd.... change it back - I really liked those others - and our thread doesn't make sense with this pic!!! ;)
Hi Samantha, :salute:
The switch must have happend when i revamped the site. :huh:
Changed it back, also added another piccie to it. :D
Found out how the edit button works :D
What do you think of piccie no2.????
Love Ruth :flower:
those are rather wild looking - I bet Christie will like those - are they quite new?? still love the others :pirate:
Hi Sam, 8)
yes they are fairly newish, did them a couple of weeks ago.
I was playing with my paints while I had a bit of time to spare in between clients. :D
The next day I took that colour of and did pink flowers lol. As they say so much paint and so little time :rolleyes:
Love Ruth :wink
hope you dont mind me talking about your picture of the nails. :D but i was wondering if mr geek or anyone could tell me if those sidewalls on the thumbs are straight :? . i am being told all the time keep your side walls straight :x .the thing is to me there not not straight. and i was wondering if they need straighting or if there fine as they are..

sorry if you feel im picking on your nails but i do think they are lovely. and that is a perfect angle of the side walls to ask this question.if they are straight then im really not sure what this side wall business is all about :oops:

not sure if im making sense
Hi groovy no I dont mind at all. :D
These are french tips and not sculpts,and silks and not acrylics. Also the tips used have a greater curve then some other french tips.
They have a slight angle because my thumbs are a bit beaky if you know what i mean. Mind you all my nails are a bit like that but mainly thumbs and index fingers.
They look straight when you look at them head on. In line with the side walls.
But when i use normal tips they are straight lol. (Looking side on).
So this could be why they look a bit on the downside. i hope I explained this ok.
If I had sculpted it might have looked different. But I dont know the first thing about sculpting or acrylics, but I am learning at the moment lol
If you need to see some great nails finished, check out christies site or look at the tutorial on the geek site. it might help.
I hope I have explained myself lol not easy, when it's jut in writing lol
Lots of love ruth xxxxx
I don't think you can really see the sidewalls of the thumb from that angle. So maybe you are not thinking of the sidewall? Maybe..under arches?
To me sidewall means this....
hi christite and nailsinlondon

from the picture christie drew (how do do them drawing things on the computer)i am thinking of side walls.but this whole side wall thing is doing my head in. .its kinda hard to explain what i mean.let me try hhmm. on the thumb with the flowers on the white bit is curving down ,.bescause u used a more arched tip (i get that much) .so i take it that the side wall would never be straight if your using an arched tip.(which would make sense cause u cant straighten it). so why am i always being told straighten them side walls if they cant even be straightened :huh: i am looking at this from the side of the nail .is this the way to check if side walls are straight.or should i be looking at it by looking down at the nails. i have always been told to do this from looking at the side.
but the thing is if you put a tip on slightly down angle ( like if you got a ski jump nail) how would you straighten it. my god im rambling .i hope someone knows what i mean. :study:
Well, okay if what I am thinking is correct, you could check the sidewall by looking down on the nail. I think it would be kinda hard to check the sidewalls by looking at the side of the nail.

Someone called this the this what you are referring to?

I don't think it is a big deal if this line is not straight. But it really does look better if the sidewalls are straight..makes the whole nail look straight.

Who is telling you to keep your sidewalls straight? Maybe this person is referring to something else?
if that is the under arch then yeah that is the bit im being told to keep straight. basically from where the cuticle to smile/ free edge is straight then smile/ free edge to end of free edge is also straight. all these in a straight line looking from the side. its my boss who is saying keep it straight.i keep the edges straight from looking down on the nail. maybe i will check again with her :? . but when i have quired what she means b4 she is telling me to look side on to the nail and it should be straight
He he.....your nails look great, as for side walls and under arches i'm gonna concentrate on keeping the nails on!
Reading Mrs Geeks competition constructive critisism....I didnt realise just what went on at these comps (don't think i'll enter them for at least 20 years in the business) :oops:
My thoughts exactly :!: . I think I will leave the Competitions alone for 20 years or so. I will enter the granny Category. I will be the one with the zimmerframe all done up in go fast nail art stripes.
But I am glad you like my nails anyway. :D
I just love doing nails, competition or no competion. The best recognition I could recieve in the Industry is my clients loving my work.
But then gain I am just a chicken at heart :rolleyes:
Lots of love ruth :morn:
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