Sienna X or Bondi Sands

Sarah x

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Hi everyone!

I’ve been using sienna x for a while now. I’m thinking of trying another spray tan brand. What’s everyone opinions on bondi sands? What would the equivalent be to 10% or 12% in sienna x?

Thanks x


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I was so disappointed with the Bondi Dark Solution, came out so light I felt it all washed off.


I use bondi sands liquid gold at home on myself and I love it. The outcome is very natural yet good depth of colour.
I don’t know about the spray tan version but maybe contact them directly see if they can point you in the right direction


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Love bondi sands! A firm favourite with my clients.


I gave both sienna and bondi ...


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Just to add.....It’s not as dark as their self tan mousse etc but I don’t think most brands are.
It’s brought all my clients back and I get bookings on the brand name alone.


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I really love Xen Tan. Used it for years and its never let me down. You don't need to buy the different percentages as it's one colour. The more you apply the darker it goes. Suits everyone's skin tone and doesn't come off scaley.
They will send you a sample if you ring them up too