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Jul 29, 2020
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Bloomfield New Jersey
I have some hairdresser friends who stopped working when the virus hit last spring and have not returned yet. Have some of you done the same? Will u be returning soon?


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Sep 23, 2020
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Around end of october I started getting very nervous about working and feeling very unsafe, and seriously stated contemplating hibernating until it was all over. Personally I thought no amount of PPE is going to protect me if I'm spending 3 hours in the stuffy home and personal space of someone who has carers come in frequently and can't wear a mask for medical reasons. I stopped taking on new clients and refused any clients who worked in the care industry (sorry, no hard feelings guys you do an AMAZING INCREDIBLE job 😊)

As I was grappling with the decision the government announced our second lockdown (November). After that ended I went back for one week to do all my regulars to give them fresh cuts, then told them I would be suspending for a while until the levels were back down to a reasonable level (around the levels it was in July/August for us - quite low here in the South of England) Everyone was totally understanding and absolutely fine about it. Then next thing I know we got put in Tier 4 then another full lockdown, so yet again the decision has been made for me. But yes I know exactly what you're saying! I know it's hard for many though as their job pays their bills and feeds their family, so not being able to do it is a nightmare for them. I'm very blessed to have hairdressing as my secondary job, back in March I started window cleaning (family business) I love it, it pays fantastically which means I can work less and is very covid safe; so I can do mobile hairdressing on the basis of keeping my skills up, not as my main source of income. So obviously many aren't in this boat so will have a totally different opinion.

As an afterthought, have any of you UK hairdressers/beauticians still been getting calls from people asking if you're still working?! 😬😤 It absolutely drives me mad! My reply is usually something along the lines of "I prefer to stay on the right side of the law, so as hairdressing is a close contact service and therefore currently illegal and not to mention dangerous the answer is no." Really? No haircut or roots etc is worth the life of you or a family member, or this long covid that many seem to be getting. Why don't people get it?!

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