SJK extensions - have they improved?

Discussion in 'Hair' started by siobrennan, Jan 6, 2015.

  1. siobrennan
    Hi everyone
    I usually use angel remy and I love love love the hair however more than slightly irritated that the 20"+ are only 0.8g meaning I have to buy and fit loads extra.
    Also there's the issue of only doing wefts in 20" and 150g.

    I had a lot of problems with sjk previously (and I do mean a lot....) however I wondered if other people here still use them and how they compare to angel remy standard now? I usually get 4-8 months from angel remy fittings with very little shedding.

    Would just love to offer a wider variety of weft lengths and thickness so any other suggestions welcome.
  2. Jemma1919
    I think they defiantly have. Theres constant good reviews on there facebook too. Sjk hair is really full and thick compared to angels.
  3. siobrennan
    The problem I have now is they always have had good reviews even when things went totally t*ts up as they get what stays on the page. The thickness is what I really miss though!! How long are you getting out of each range now? It was mainly the blonde Krystal I had serious issues with x
  4. Jemma1919
    The blondes seem silkier . Ill post up some photos of customers hair at 4 and 5 months. Looks real good still!!
  5. siobrennan
    Thankyou that would be great :) x
  6. ellasboutique
    I have ordered twice from them within a month, colour 60 and 24 , colour 60 was luxury and 24 was aaa, then I ordered colour 1b in stick tips for myself and the hair is horrendous again, the next day after fitting the hair was already matted and feels very sticky and dry, I'm very dissapointed. The lady who had blonde hair in lost around 50strands in the first 2 weeks! The hair is really bad too, just looks like horse hair, my clients usually loose between 2-5 strands in 3months time so she knows it's not me as she's had extensions with me before.
    Very dissapointed, will not be ordering again
  7. Momobile hair Unqualified
    Recently there has been changes. Faster at answering enquiries etc too. I have noticed the hair is lasting longer. The aaa budget hair is even quite high quality too now. My clients get at least 4 months from it which is good because the price is really low. Its hard to compete with fellow extensionists so to have a good quality low priced hair definitely makes a difference.
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  8. Carobell
    I have fitted the SJK tape extensions on 6 clients and had problems with 3 of them!!
    !st matting with light blonde, 2nd changing colour no. 20 went orange on ends then whole head slid out after re-taping using their tape!!!!
    Am changing to Angel Remy
  9. Momobile hair Unqualified
    I love the tape hair <3
    Hair will only discolour if your client has been abroad? This happens with every blonde colour I used with hair planet and angel remy :(
  10. jade2629
    I think sjk can but hit and miss I have had a client I use the sjk no 2 micro loop extensions on her her first set lasted 4 months (with maintenance I between) with only 2 fall out and the next set she has had for about 4-5 months again with barely any fall out and every time I see her the hair is still in very good condition I will be fitting another new set for her in June, the only problem I have had is the Nanos with an old client she said that they were falling out but I believe that she was picking at them and pulling them
  11. Momobile hair Unqualified
    The nanos definitely have got better. The tips used to break off them. This seemed to be an issue with every supplier and some suppliers stopped selling them. I have a client with nanos in now 9 months :) I asked sjk did the improve the tips and the have said the tips are stronger.
  12. Carobell
    I had a salon in spain for 15years and fitted Great lengths and american dreams and never had any problems with discolouring.
    Also how can they offer to ship worldwide if they discolour abroad??? Doesn't make sense
  13. cassies97
    Natural hair will discolour in direct strong sunlight.
  14. Tomtomrow
    I never let clients wear extensions aboard ! The will go orange / pink/ copper. This has been an issue with a number of suppliers for me. I suppose cheap water supplies would discolour them and combined with the sun to. Also sun cream!
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  15. jade2629
    Yeah it was my first set of Nanos on a client to be fair she tried blaming it on me and wanting a refund but turned out that she wasn't following the aftercare I gave her and she was picking at the bonds but the Nanos have put me off so I only offer micro loop and will soon be training in fusion
  16. Limitless beauty
    Has anyone had issues with the condition of the hair at all lately? I put a set in my clients hair and within a few days it's matting badly and dry. Iv sent samples back to them and waiting on a reply just wondered if this has happened to anyone else. The hair actually looks like it's at the end of its life after only a week
  17. ExTend84
    Me! Nail tip extensions, the hair was shedding away from the bond. Literally what were 1.1g strands became almost nothing over a 10 day period. £200 worth of hair & fitting costs.. my client is very upset. The hair itself was so frizzy and looked absolutely terrible. First time I'd used them and not had this problem with any other supplier that I use.
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  18. Momobile hair Unqualified
    Still using them and no problems thankfully! Bit of advice to keep away from sulphate free products, I actually think they do more damage than good I find it makes the hair feel they shampoo has not been washed off? The only problem I ever have with hair extensions is when clients go swimming or on holidays :( I hate July / August. I would ask your client if shes been away or what shampoo shes been using??
  19. tansbykelly
    Try Wonderful hair that is what i use and its double drawn and the thickness is great i have had no complaints from customers so far and my clients are in love with the results grace towi 3.JPG
  20. Limitless beauty

    ExTend84 im glad im not the only one thats having this issue with them! (not happy for our clients tho) have u spoken to them about it?

    iv been messaging them and all they say is its the shampoo my client is using and to use their brand and asked if she has been abroad.

    no my client has not been abroad, she had them in a few days and the hair is awful!

    iv sent back samples to them and they replied there is nothing wrong with them. iv sent images of it which you can see its clearly not ok. if my client was complaining a month or so down the line they were becoming poor id prob agree it may be down to product use, but 1 was and only a few days wear is defo not product issues. we complained straight away to the company as well.

    they have now asked us to send ALL the hair back to the company at our cost, to be tested, no refund or replacement offered at this point so my client is expected to be without hair extensions or money and there is a possibility they are just going to come back and say there is nothing wrong with the hair which will mean my client is at a complete loss!

    also i have asked them to advise me on the ingredients in their hair products so i can compare to the products used (ignored this question) also asked for a sample of their shampoo/conditioner to be sent to me so we can do our own test to prove what they are saying is correct (again ignored this question)

    i dont agree that any salon brought shampoo/conditioner is going to ruin hair extensions after 1 wash like they say. i usually use glamorous lengths hair and never had problems like this regardless of the shampoo used.

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