Skin issues post Covid vaccination


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Feb 14, 2018
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Northern Ireland
Hi I am noticing some clients that were previously prone to acne breakouts, skin on track with treatment and products, then went for c19 V and suddenly they have an eruption of acne on their faces, like worse than ever before

has anyone had any experience of this with clients or if there is a thread on this topic already could someone point it to me please

Clients weren't asked if they had the vaccine they offered the information to me as they noticed the change in their skin after having the vaccine

House Beauty

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Jul 29, 2013
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I also experienced some odd skin things post vaccine. Its so new we are learning as we go, but for me I got ‘prickly heat’ style reaction over my chest and shoulders and deltoids. I never have skin issues anymore so this was very unusual (but not heat related). Used chlorphenamine maleate and it was gone in about a week and a half.

Had acne for many years that has gone with 15 years of treating to get the perfect skin and I dont barely ever have periods (bout twice a year is normal for me) but after vaccine have had two very heavy periods within a couple of weeks of each other and spots. All since gone after 8 weeks but just got my second so wont be surprised to get more.

Most difficult was a funny lump on my knuckle that seems to look exactly like psoriasis which I dont have...and this has also appeared in small dots in various places on my arms. I havent managed to get rid of these yet.

Our immune systems must be on full alert and probably doing some damage to our defences. Confident it will be a short term as the periods were.

My advice to your clients with the sudden acne would be not to change any products (unless they also coincidentally purchased and used new skincare around the time of the vaccine), and to give it some time to calm down. As starting on new products and new treatments they dont normally have when skin is already experiencing and immune response could make it last longer. Then if its still around after 8 weeks post 2nd vaccine then GP, regular facials and monitor how often they are exfoliating as people that haven’t experienced acne before are likely to try and ott on the wash and scrub attack to get rid of them and make it worse. Then after all that treat as any other acne. Really recommend the book Acne and Rosacea for general acne advice as its very good.

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