Skin troubles and eyelid problems

This has only happened in the last 18 months. The only major change in lifestyle/health has been changing from HRT by implant to HRT by tablet (smaller dose than I would like but blood pressure a bit lively)

Always had a VERY oily skin - nose really awful in particular. As I have got older, I am 50 now, this has improved but my cheeks are now a little dry. I have started to use moisturiser on my cheeks and then from time my whole face is all flaky including my eyelids(which get really sore) Doctoer told me to use E45 cream which does help but it can take up to a week to clear. Eye make up is out of the question at this time.

I have consulted department store / salon ladies but they have all just tried to sell me something very expensive from their range, which they claim will resolve all probs.

Can anyone give me some advice or point me in the right direction, I would be very grateful for your help


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Hi Adele

Are you sure that your skin is now dry - it could be dehydrated which is quite often confused with being dry.

Drinking more water will welp, but if you get a rgange of products that suit, even though may be expensive it could be worth you investing in.

At the minute I am using Germaine de Capuccini samples, which I am very impressed with. I also believe Dermalogica are good. both on the expensive side but I do believe you get what you pay for.

Hope this helps.

x x x

I didn't think of that. Thanks, it has puzzled me because once theses phases pass my skin just goes back to its old self. I am really bad about drinking enough but as it has never impacted on my skin never given it a thought.
I am going to make a real effort before trying anything else.
Thank you very much - off to the fizzy water shop - I can't face much when it is still


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No problem - why dont you try and make a rulw with your self.

Never drink a cup of coffee or tea without drinking a small glass of water first.

that way you are watering down the hot drink in your system and also increasing your fluid intake.

You will be suprised how much of a difference that will also make without conciously drinking loads.


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I am also on HRT and I dont suffer on any part of my face other than my eyelids which can be quite sore and flakey(eczema)

I never suffered with this until I had a hysterectomy and started on the HRT.

HRT can have huge effects on the skin,hair and nails,as I'm sure you have already noticed.My hair is dryer and my nails are actually quite soft,all problems I never had previously.

I would recommend you look at your skincare range and check that you are using suitable products for your new skin type.Quite often people are using the same products that they have been using for 20 years because this is what they have always used,but our skins change as we age.

For the eyes I have a hydrocortisone cream and it took several visits to the doctor before he prescribed it to me because they dont like to give it for the eye area.This may be the answer for you,if it's eczema.

It is the only thing that actually works.I dont put it on before I go to bed though for fear of rubbing my eyes while sleeping and causing an eye infection.I also only use the smallest amount I can get away with,as it does cause the skin to thin.

I have noticed that even if I have only a couple of glasses of wine this quickly aggrevates the problem.

So,I would drink more water,as mentioned(I'm a tea drinker,but have cut down)I dont particularly find it easy to drink water so I have hot water with a slice of lemon,excellent detox.

HTH's a little.:)


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Skin does usually get drier with age but you can anoyingly also get menopausal spots- lucky us! HRT provides an increase in oestrogen-this has actually been found to usually prevent it from becoming as dry as it would without. Maybe changing to a lower dose has caused the skin to become drier than with the previous dosage? As well as a topical emolient you could try taking a multivitamin supliment (including A,C,D and E) and some zinc. These are essential for the skin and also fish oils (you can just eat some yummy oily fish e.g salmon) regularly. If I was you I would keep on top of the flakeyness with a nice light hydrating fluid (for dehydrated skin) and use the E45 as a treatment for when it gets really bad. The E45 cream acts as a humectant (keeping moisture in the skin-thus preventing dehydration). You could even put it on at night as a relatively thick layer over your moisturiser.


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Sorry I left your eyes out in the above post! you also need a nice eye cream- Sothys do a great one in their Secrets range specifically for menopausal women! it is a bit £££ though.
well i have exzema and I cant put anything other thaN prescription creams on or it makes it worse.i wouldnt reccommend using a normal eye cream.:irked:


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Hey Georgie Girl I don't think that it has been necessarily diagnosed as excema- I could be wrong though!

I guess Georgie is saying that if it was diagnosed as eczema then probably better not to put your normal eye cream on as it can act as an irritant.I know with mine that I couldn't use anything else on them while they have flared up.

It actually gets so bad that even when I have removed any eye make up I then have to use water to wipe any residue off or the eye make up remover makes my lids itch like mad,making things worse:cry:


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Sure totally agree with you if it is excema but was just respnding to HRT/hormones suggestion. Don't listen to me if you have been told it is excema xxxx water is drying to the skin so can understand this and rubbing the eye i'm sure does not help-poor you!


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Dont think it was decided if it was or wasn't,none of our places to be diagnosing anyway.You made some great suggestions hun.xx:hug: