Slate grey hair toner/colour

Hi all,

I have a client that wants slate grey. She has bleach on the scalp so we have enough lift its just finding the right colour/toner. We've tried silver/ ashey toners but its not got the depth we want.
Ive attached a pic that shes sent me to what she wants to achieve

Thanks in advance!
Hi I would buy a tube of Silver and just mix with a dash (2 inches roughly) of a base 6.


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Hi , I used 22/0 & 10/0 on a client who is naturally white but wanted a few bits of colour it turned out lovely , although u need to keep a close eye on it . Hope this helps x

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Sorry that was wella colours

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Why not use a few cm of a Black hair color mixed with an ash blond? Comes out really slate!
For loreal use richesse 9.11 (27g) with 1.0 (3g) and 6 vol.
Snip off a tiny section underneath and strand test to your fav grey!


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Wella illumina 5/81 with 6/16. Test strand these, they come out quiet flat. Mix with pastel x

I did 6/16 on client base 8, and came it like a donkey grey lol.


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You get really grey silver hair, you will need to get a salon brand colour corrective tint. I used Wella koleston special mix in colours 0/11 and 0/81.


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10/0 + 22/0 with pastel on pre lightened hair x
Have you ever used directions crazy colours? They do a good selection and I have used them in the past they are good! And client can always keep up with it themselves Inbetween appointments!! X


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When I went to the wholesalers last time because I bought so many tubes of colour touch I got 2 free tubes and one of them was 7/89 , iv just done a test on a piece of platinum blonde extensions and it's a really nice grey colour
10/1 + 22/0 with pastel.... wella!

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This is the 7/89 colour touch ImageUploadedBySalonGeek1393332572.403805.jpg
1/2 7a 1/4 6sb 1/4 pmix Goldwell colourance on prelightened hair. This is my colour had it for years! If it comes up ANY gold, tone it out with 9na first then go in with that formula. Or another good grey is elumen 20g ab@9 10g clear 4-5g na@2 might need two applications to get really even. If ends are porous drop the na@2 to maybe 2-3gms
Hope this helps :)
Thanks for all your replies i did it today using tigi 0/88 & 4/0. The client was very very pleased! ImageUploadedBySalonGeek1393610516.297592.jpg




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