Small car advice pls


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I want to replace my car by the end of the year, it is a P reg so I could take advantage of the scrappage deal which ends October.

So, got approx £6k but could rustle up some more if needs be.

Looking at

Toyota Aygo
Toyota Yaris
Suzuki Swift
Fiat 500

What do I need it for? Running around from various venues approx 10 miles away from home most days. With the odd long haul trip to Leeds/Manchester.

Want a small neat car that has the cheapest road tax and good mileage.

So, my question to you lovely geeks is, does anyone own one/had one, has anyone got any tips/warnings.

thanks x

Zo Zo

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Out of interest, does Mr Chick have a big car?

I used to have a car with a small boot, an Audi Cabriolet (well I still have it but don't use it really.) It was so impractical for my lifestyle! Bought myself a Citroen Xsara - hated it, nearly died the first time I had to drive it - now I love it!!!

It is so so so practical. Now, think about 'what if's'. Is there any possibility you will need to carry more stuff to training venues in the future, that may not fit in a small car?

All I'm saying is, think about the future, especially if you're the sort of person who likes to keep a car for a long time, not keep changing it.

My sister bought a Micra, was fine with one baby. Had another baby, can't fit a double buggy in the boot.... Not that that's relevant to you, but I'm just saying, make sure your choice of car will be versatile and last you :hug:


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The Toyota Yaris or Aygo would be my personal choice. My hubby is a mechanic and a bad petrol head and he always advises his customers to go for Toyota or Honda when buying a new car.

Our friend has the Yaris and was surprised at how deceptively roomy they can be.


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Ann got your message here is hubbies advice:

Looking at the cars you've picked you would be in a bottom of the range car that he thinks would be over your budget.
Looking at the brands in the scrappage scheme, he would look at Ford KA (basically the same car as a Fiat 500 under the shell), or something like the Fiat Grande Punto.

Do the research on the internet and don't bother phoning dealers for their best price because it will put their back up and they won't treat you like a proper customer.

Things like the Aygo are basically the same as a C1 just a different badge, don't be fooled into thinking that Toyota are more reliable then a Citroen or a Ford - pretty much every brand has solid reliable cars these days.

Ria x

P.S. He sais Suzuki Swift are great little cars but lose their value really quick.


I got a Toyota Aygo last year and it's only £35 to tax per year, about £30 to fill up tank and does about 320 miles to the tank. I had a freelander before so it was a bit of a size comedown! I love it and it's great for doing mobile, back seats fold down to get all my stuff in. Great wee car and nippy too.:)


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Do you use a mobile couch? Will it fit in these cars alright?

I have no experience with mobile couches. I'll need to get one soon and I'm worried about fitting it into my wee Clio.


I have a Toyota Yaris- have had it 3 and a half years and haven't had any problems with it. They are very reliable and also economical with fuel! More spacious than they look from the outside too!

Zo Zo

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I have put a mobile couch in a Peugeot 106. One couch doesn't take up much room and hatchbacks are very handy.

Btw, I am not contradicting myself here, my point was that Ann's business seems to be growing and growing and well, maybe before too long she will be travelling more and carting more stuff with her :lol:

From the original list, I would go for a Totoya over a Suzuki or a Fiat.


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Thanks everyone.

Mr Chick has a Ford Focus which I borrow if I'm going on long journeys as my p reg almera couldn't cope.

I understand what you are saying Zo Zo but I do intend flying or taking the train to venues so can't imagine that being much of an issue.

Yes, I would possibly need to put a massage couch in from time to time.

I would really honestly love a mini but just haven't got the pennies for it, so its trying to get the best car for the small amount of money I have. I'm not even bothered about getting a brand new car, am happy for 07 plate, and understand that whichever one I get will be bottom of the range.

I like small cars and obviously the low tax and good mileage makes me happy. Got until March 10 to make a decision really as thats when almera needs MOT and its the rust keeping it together although a very very reliable car.


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I like small cars too. I borrowed my sister's Vectra in April and although the extra power was good I was so happy when I was back in my own wee Clio.
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Have you even considered, wait for it..... A Smart car! No good if you have more than one person to ferry about, but believe me the amount of stuff you can fit into them is very suprising! Cheap to run, cheap to tax etc. I love mine and they are as good on long runs as short runs. Just a thought!

Emma Bagnall

i have a cheverolet kalos, same shape as honda jazz, excellent on fuel, nippy, mine is a 1.2, i do 70 on motorway easily. the back seats fold down in halves, so you can get a couch and baby seat in the back. and best of all they dont break the bank:)


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I also downsized my car last year and bought the C1. It has five doors and the seats go down if i need a big space to carry thing around. £35 a year tax and fills up on about £30 which goes for miles and miles and
If you are buying a brand new car it will have a guarantee too so no worries there!
I would defo go for the five door option though, much nicer when for people using the car.


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Yes, I would possibly need to put a massage couch in from time to time.
Massage couches and dinky cars really don't go well together...unless of course you get one with a sunroof..that's the car of course :eek::lol:

Problem is though it acts as an air break..great for helping you stop in a hurry but does tend to increase the MPG to a big car consumption...rather defeats the object :idea: :lol:


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I would second the vote for a Smart Car. We are on our 3rd one! changing to the diesel at the end of the month as it is NIL tax and does about 90mpg:green:

Emma Bagnall

can you get a couch in a smart car? and can you turn the passenger airbag off for child street in the front. they are really cute lettered up, but look so tiny!!


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I have an Aygo, and used to have a Yarid. Main difference is size. I find both are big enough but the boot is defo much bigger in the Yaris. Aygo is so economical, great cra, not as small as you'd expect!! I know someone who has a Yaris and a mobile beauty business and its a perfect size. Hope this helps!!x


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My mum is a district nurse & swears by her toyota aygo! Toyota's are japanese made so really reliable & the boot is suprisingly big for the size of car (I have a micra CC & this is also the case - you could fit a pram in no bother).
The road tax on the aygo is only £35 a year & it uses hardly any petrol at all! I actually wish I had got one as I moved from a 1.2 to a 1.6 litre engine & the difference in the amount of petrol it uses is huge! Its a fairly basic car & you need to pay extra for things like a glove box door & electric windows but these are really cheap. Its a great deal if you want something new or nearly new as you'd still have the warranty on it x


You can turn off the airbag passenger side for a baby seat. Tbh never had a massage couch in it, but have fitted a full length mirror in it, and I didn't break it lol. They are supprisingly roomy, the stuff I have managed to get in mine surprissed even me :green:! Good luck on the hunt!


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also.....i went to ikea the other day and got a cupboard and 2 drawer sets plus other bits and bobs in my aygo. so it does fit loads of stuff in!!!