Small car advice pls


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Hi everyone,
thanks for your advice, its been invaluable.

I would only need to put a massage couch in about twice a year, so its not really an issue.

The problem is with cost, I would love a yaris or aygo or mini or smart car due to the small/eco factor and cheap tax/petrol consumption. But I haven't got much money. £5k isn't going to buy me any of these unless i go for an old car. I was hoping to get 07/08/09 so that I don't have to go this rigmarole again for a while.

Anyhooo, husband is up for redundancy Dec 1st so it looks as if I will be hanging onto my money and my old car for a few months more, so will miss out on the scrappage deal, and I've got until March to get myself sorted out as thats when almera is going to be MOT'ed next, its a good car its just rusting daily.

I have a Fiat 500, and can get my massage couch in, its about 185 litres the full boot size, quite good for a small car, insurance is less than £200 and tax is £38.50, I put a tenner in petrol a week, bonus :)


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Been looking at cars as really need to get this sorted.
Have a test drive on an Aygo on Monday.
Also mightily tempted with the Hyundai i10.