Smudged polish - unhappy client


Going a little off the subject a tiny bit, I am starting up doing make up and have been building my box up with MAC as I favour it and I love the results..

Personally any make up range I have seen in the beauty warehouses havent been much cop but thats just what I have seen so along with the MAC I have purchased especially I tend to use a few other brands but decent ones like Pout and Borjois, going back to comments about the Revlon polish does anyone think using make up that I have purchased in this way would be un professional as its mainly MAC but is available outside of warehouses?

I hope that makes sense..

I have a professional set up and brushes and huge aluminium box so look the part but just want some feedback..

I would agree with the ladies who say to re paint but push the being careful afterwards issue but you cant babysit folk no matter how you try and advise them..

Tams x

Maya Diaz

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I've got two words for you, Sista!
QTica's 1/2 Time!:lol:
It is not a cheap product, however I feel it is one of the best on the market.
After your base, color, and top coat, (I like Creative's Sticky/Shiny) you put one drop of 1/2 Time on each nail. This product chrysalises through each layer of polish helping it to dry SUPER FAST!
I paint my own nails (french) and can give a pedicure 15 minutes later.
Clients can also put on tennishoes and go for a run an hour after a pedicure.
I'm a little on the pricey side, so the 1/2 Time is included with all of my services, but you can always charge a few dollars, pounds, euros, whatever...extra and I guarantee you won't regret your investment.
PS- It's about $10-$12 wholesale for 2oz.


I use Orly smudge fixer it works a treat


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Perhaps you could convince her to Shellac !


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Claire C

I accept that solar oil helps polish dry and understand that it forms a layer over the polish... But I don't understand how preventing oxygen helps the polish dry. I was under the impression that it was the solvent in the polish evaporating that dried polish. Can someone explain how keeping oxygen out helps it dry. Sorry if this is a daft question but the boffin in me won't settle without understanding this!!! I'm not questioning the facts I just want to understand the process. Ta c x


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Isnt it about time that someone invented a dry now top coat ..... even those offering quick dry top coats/glazes dont really dry quick enough.

I dont really have problems with drying (athough if clients do come back I will put right): cnd sticky base, 2 thin coats cnd, cnd super shiny/air dry, few drops of solar and off they go x I do advise them that it will take a good few hours to dry properly..