So slow, please help!


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It is about practise, but additional training can work wonders. Try You tube. If you are near an Outback Organics trainer they do tips and techniques training very reasonably.

If you're dripping wax on the couch your application technique needs care. Why don't you buy a roller? You need a duo heater so you've always got a spare roller ready to go. They still drip but it's not as bad as clumsy spatula technique and you'll speed up loads.

Make life easy for yourself at home. Have your wax pot near your couch and stand on couch roll (you can recycle old couch roll for the floor). Always hold a wax strip under your spatula when you are travelling with a loaded spatula. It can be the wax strip you are using or a clean one. And know where you are going to apply wax before you load your spatula - don't try arranging your client with wax spatula in one hand.


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I had this problem I practised on friends and family and my salon at the time did offers on waxing so people would come in. Ive only ever worked with salon system and billion dollar brow wax. Sorry I know it’s rubbish advice but practice really does make perfect. If you could offer discounted waxing until you’ve built your confidence and speed and just keep advertising in for sale groups on Facebook? I really struggled to find models for intimate waxing so I totally know where you’re coming from. X
Thank you. Yes maybe I’ll try putting an offer on. Xx

House Beauty

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Hi all, hope you don’t mind me jumping on this thread.
I qualified in waxing about a year ago but have really struggled to get clients in so have had very little practice. I take ages and drip wax all over the place. I use sienna hot and strip wax but looking to find a different brand that works better for me. (any recommendations?).
Also, how can I get more practice? I work on my own from home. It would be good if I could do some kind of ‘work experience’ in a salon. I’m not sure if this is something a salon would be happy to do though. I’m getting really down because I want to improve and build a career but it just doesn’t seem to be working out for me. TIA xx
Spin the stick round while you move, not just over the pot. It can’t drip if it’s moving where you want it. Take time with application and speed with removal. No rush getting the wax on, it’s relaxing for the client between removals.

Anything on the floor can be mopped, it’s not the end of the world.


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Twiddle the stick around is your best hope for stopping the dripping as House beauty says.
My boss could never fathom how to do it until we had a jar of honey and stick for us all to practise with! It did the trick. Twiddle the runny honey and get used to the speed at which you need to do it at. The control of honey is quite brilliant. Sometimes my client may have a coughing fit and there I am waiting with wax on spatula to do their eyebrows. So I twiddle and then apply when they have stopped coughing and spluttering.

Sprare couch roll under the small gap between couch and client is genius. So thankyou The duchess for that little tip....learn something new every day!