Soak off gel for nno under Shellac, IBD?


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Hi looking for some advice pls. I would like a soak off gel to use under shellac for a bit of strength , mainly for myself but also the odd client. Can anyone advise something suitable? I've tried brisa smoothing gel but that didn't help. Was looking at ibd perhaps? Also what would be the steps I need? Bonder/primer then the soak off gel and would I need to finish with for example intense seal(ibd ) if I'm then using shellac. Thanks if you can help


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How about trying the CND brisa sculpting gel - stronger than the smoothing gel?
You can find info about how to use it on the website.


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They don't seem to have any left In stock?


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Any other suggestions pls x


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Akzentz Options,
I love that it's so diversial
you can use the Base for better adhesion, or the Opti-Bond for the heavy-handed, but neither of them are necessary. You can just skip that and go straight to clear.
With pink however, I'd suggest you get the base too. At least so the distributor here told me, I haven't tried the pink myself


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Claireyfairy, I don't know if this is allowed but I'm selling my almost new Brisa lite sculpting kit. If you're interested please pm me.

Apologies to mods if not allowed