Some advise on EZ flow application please.?


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gillian w

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Oct 4, 2006
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Hi gillian w,
The workbook I was given is the Carltons own instruction Manuel. 18 pages long pages 15 to 16 has 9 questions on it that was supposed to be our main test. pages 17 has a list of things we were supposed to cover but were told to tick it off any way. Page 18 tells us to get an NVQ with the Carlton. The main body of the workbook pages 2 to 14 is very very very basic 3 of those pages have only a few lines. I wish I could scan and copy it on to show you but I am not all that good with computers. I was sent the anatomy and physiology of the body it states in the download that we only read the few pages that refer to the nail but again none of this was covered in the course. The workbook was rushed through. I feel awful because she was so nice but I don't want nice I want to be taught properly.

Doesn't sound very good then.Eventually you can do a conversion with Ezflow at one of their centres which by the sound of it you are going to have to do to be able to buy their products if its what you want to use.

If a conversion is still the same as when i did it you buy an extremely generous kit, all full sizes and brush, files ,solutions etc and your training is not much at all sometimes they do free training with the kit.

In the meantime i would get yourself a very good book if you do a search on here there are some favourites and look at the tutorials on here to.

Lil Linz

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Aug 18, 2006
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North Notts
Hi Jo's Nails,

I will send your comments on to Grafton International.

I cannot comment on the Carlton courses, as I do not know their course structure, I can only tell you about the EzFlow products and EzFlow courses.

EzFlow products are fantastic to use, yes there is a slight difference in the shape, the apex is a fraction higher, however it does still create a beautiiful shape nail.

The process you have described does bare similar resemblance to the process that we EzFlow Educators teach, but there are a couple of things that differ, which may just be down to how your tutor does nails.

I always apply 2 coats of EzBond. It is much more than a dehydrator, it cleanses the nails and acts as a PH balancer. Basically it cleans the nail, & makes sure there are no oils/residues on the nail. I apply this after I have removed the shine from the natural nail, but before I apply a tip.

Personally, I dont use a line blender for tips, I pre-blend my tips as much as possible before I apply them to the nails, so that when they have been applied, there is little blending that I need to do.

I also teach new students to use 2 coats of primer (applied sparingly) to the natural nail only, after tip application. You need to make sure the first coat has 'dried' before applying the 2nd coat (you can see it dehydrating). As you become more confident with your prep and application, you may find you only need 1 coat, although some lift-prone clients may still need 2 coats.

I always work from a 1oz pot of powder, but I buy my powders in larger sized pots (usually 8oz) and then fill up the 1oz from that when I get near the bottom. They have a shelf life of 36months, and to be honest, I can use up the 8oz pot long before then, so I never have 'old' powder, but I do top up.

There has been some fantastic advice on here from izzidol :) I use the same filing technique which she has described.


Jo's Nails

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Jul 17, 2011
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Thanks guys for all of your advise.xxxx

I have realized that it is going to take me much longer to reach my goal than I originally planned.
I am ordering a kit on Wednesday through Nails and co and have asked for prices for training.

I love the Ez flow nail shape and the products. I wish that every product and procedure had been explained properly like you guys have explained to me. I am going to print this thread and use it towards my training.
Izzidol thanks.xx and Lil Linz for explaining the ex bond and primer none of this was explained.

Thanks again Guys.:hug:xxxx

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