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Jan 13, 2020
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Hi everyone, I’m a marketer and I’ve been talking a lot to clients, and friends who are therapists and technicians, over the last week about the challenges our industry is facing at the moment. I thought some of you might find some of the tips we’ve been sharing useful.

Social media is your best friend! If you’re a salon (bricks and mortar) manager, get on IG or FB and post statements and pictures about how you are keeping your salon clean and sanitised. Do a Q&A post of questions you’ve been asked by clients e.g. “how are you sterilising your tools?” and let everyone see how seriously you are taking the situation.

If you’re mobile, let your clients know that you’re a professional who takes your responsibilities to keep your clients healthy and safe very seriously. Consider doing an IG story showing you cleaning and sterilising your equipment. Take some pics of you in your mask! Get creative! Boomerang and similar apps are great for this. Make sure you get the message out that you are doing everything you possibly can.

Whatever your personal set up, it’s important to post daily. Maintain a good and consistent relationship with your clients. People want reassurance in times of crisis, and – the good news! – they want to feel better about themselves. As beauty professionals you are in a great position to help make this happen for them!! Get personal too. If you’ve got children and they’re off school, how are you keeping them occupied. Share tips and photos. Relate the current ‘big’ situation back to smaller more personal events.

Let your clients know that you’re very much open for business, you’re disinfecting every hour, and you’re there to help them and answer any questions they might have.

Good luck everyone and I hope this is helpful!


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Feb 9, 2010
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Such a good idea. Thanks for sharing xx

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