Some new pictures


Lelli Loo Loo
I love the natural look and these are fab Carl xx:hug:


Those nails are lovely!


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Carl they look so wonderful.

I know that you use avolve, but i was wondering what powder you use. Is is "perfectly pink" "clear" or is it a combination?

Also i use the natural no well tips, is that what you use?

Thanks in advance
I prefer Dusky Pink


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Very natural! Lovely set. How do you do it? For example as catsaremad says for very short nails or nails with almost no free edge. How would you do that for them? Do you use pigmented acrylics or use the nails natural onychodermal band and sculpt from there? Would love to know! Any hints for making this possible using gels?
Everyone is different .... sometimes you just have to cover up everything and create something that isn't there, sometimes you accentuate what is there, it's different for every client.

Ive done all that extending nailplates and making them look fab stuff, but when you think about it, all that extension (both pink and white) many clients can't cope with the change and although initially satisfied, get very disappointed when they break them ........ even though it's their fault, they will take it out on me.

You have to give clients realistic expectations.

Hey, I can make their faces look better too, but would they be happy wearing a mask all day ?


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Lovely work as always Carl:)


i love the look of them but what happens when they grow out? did you create the line or was it the clients natural line? I adore your nails!