Someone asking advice then going elsewhere!


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So I have a client when I worked at a Salon and last year I went freelance she's carried on coming to Me but then one day I did her husbands hair (IN JANUARY 19!) she's carried on seeing me but he messages me asking to book then cancels the day before! This has happened about 5 times so I told him I will no longer book him in that far in advance! So he's resulted to messaging me very frequently and sending photos asking for advice on cuts etc I've tried to be very blunt but politely saying you need to ask the person who's actually doing your hair for the advice!
I would just block him but it's awkward as I do his wife and mother in laws hair and they are good customers!

It just makes me so angry as my time is precious as I have a newborn son I don't want to be answering to people that aren't even going to use my services! Sorry for the rant just feel I need to put a stop to this done how!?!


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2 choices, ignore or call him out on it. Actually a third, talk to his wife about it. I'd be sending him a reply saying 'you really need to discuss this with your hairdresser as they will be doing the cut'. The more you engage, the more he will reply.


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I’d probably ‘accidentally’ reply to his wife explaining that this constant messaging you asking for advice isn’t really on and then let his wife deal with him. ;)


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Don't speak to his wife, it's unprofessional, crosses the line of client confidentiality, and you risk upsetting her. Next time he messages you, just say you are unable to offer any advice and direct him to his new stylist. If he messages again, send the same reply.


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I would stop replying x