SP Eyelash Extensions - Lots of stickies!

Hiya, I am new to lashing and would really like your opinion please. I'm starting to get a bit frustrated with the glue I use... or perhaps it just me?! As I'm getting faster I notice that the glue doesn't seem to be drying quick enough and so when putting in another lash I'm catching a previous one or lashes I'm separating for a new one are all sticking to the last one i did.. or even the one before that! I've played around with my technique and quantity of glue, but still seem to be getting loads of stickies! So then have to spend ages separating. Could anyone advise me of how I could improve this... or perhaps just try a faster setting glue?

I'm considering trying flirties (expert speed & strength)... just a bit nervous though as the brand I trained with (and currently use) does not require primer or sealant. So I would have no idea how to use these ...eek!

Your opinions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Jo xx
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Hi i too am new to sp lashes and only trained a month ago. Following advice on here i switched to flirties x strength glue after only a couple of weeks. It will really help you avoid stickies!

Hope this helps a bit xx

Sorry, just noticed bit about primer and sealant

Primer is a kind of degreaser and dehydrator that you swipe onto the lashes before you start. Im not an expert of course but i think its essential. Also you can really use the primer to seperate and straighten lashes by combing them through while theyre still wet with it,

Sealant, hmmm not so sure that this makes any difference at all but probably a more experienced lasher will be along in a bit to advise. Xx

How long have you been using your current bottle of glue? I know from my own experience the perils of past its shelf life glue. All glues are different, but on my opinion after a few months the glue doesn't work
Half as well and they start coming out earlier/get stickies etc xx

Flirties makes a huge difference as I get a few stickies but they seperate easily with this glue. Primer is just brushed over the lashes before but I dont tend to use sealant

Great! Have ordered some flirties glue and primer, very excited! Thanks so much for your feedback! x