Space rental 50/50 advice

Looking for a bit of advice on chair/space rental. I have enquired to a new salon and am going in to have a chat with the owner. All I know is that it's 50/50 split. Does anyone have any advice on who should buy products?, who pays for advertising?, or anything else that would be a fair deal when doing 50/50, should this include tips?. Anything I should be wary of? thanks in advance for any replies x

I would have a chat to see what they are willing to pay for. If they are going to supply the consumables and equipment I would say its a good deal. If you were just being provided with just the room and nothing else I would reconsider the split to be more in your favour ie 60/40. Then I would presume you could negotiate on advertising if you were promoting there salon within your advert. I would do some costings to see what you can afford to give as a percentage.


Thanks Ange1dust :hug:


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50/50 is normal as long as there providing all stock and equipment, apart from scissors. You should either be able to keep your own tips or share with other stylist ,you'll have to discuss that, we all share ours,me, the stylist at my shop and the junior all tips go in together.:green: good luckxx