Sparkly acrylic advice .

Hi, I'm new to l&P and at the moment have only done pink and whites. However I fancy a little colour and wondered if anyone could advise me of good video clips of how to apply colour powders and glitter. Do you apply it just like the pink and white (dip in liquid then powder)? Thanks folks.

glitter tips

I do quite a lot of coloured glittery tips, Nail Angel and Young Nails do some good videos. The best glitter I find is from Nail Graphix, the UK distributor is "Natural Nails By Fiona"

Thanks loads. I'll check them out.

Lisa Dodd



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You beat me to it Lisa! :wink2:

Ezflow do some lovely colours and collections, there is education videos on YouTube :)


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I generally do glitter tips with polish or now Shellac with glitter on the tips .....

So much quicker and easier, they last just as long and are semi permanent so one heck of allot easier to remove when you want to change the colour (which most clients frequently do). I personally do not get why anyone wants to put permanent colour and glitter in L&P on a client who wants to change that colour in a few weeks time? Doesn't make sense to me. Make life easy for yourself!!

Cheers folks. Good advice.


I used to get some clear powder, mix the glitter with it and use that mixture the same way I used White for the tips. Like Geeg says though, hard work to get it all off next time. Much better to use shellac I should imagine. Hasn't things moved on so much in just 18 months!