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Aug 26, 2011
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Hi all,
My borough has introduced a licence for therapists in the borough, if you do not have this you cannot work as a therapist in the borough
From what I can gather you have to show you are qualified and insured.
Although there is some confusion as to wether mobile therapists are included.

It is free to register and you have to wear badge/ lanyard whatever it may be whilst working.
I think it is a fab idea and really hope mobile therapists are included as this will weed out the cowgirls/boys.

Would love to hear your thoughts? X
i'm all for this as long as its free and not just another way for someone to squeeze money out of us. it would be interesting to know which qualifications they require as suitably qualified?

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It's good, but I wouldn't wear anything branded with my local council logo. Maybe there should be a national thing set up that would issue a card with name and small logo on, or just a sticker with a hologram you can affix to a card of your own. Xoxo
Am waiting for the paperwork to be sent so will find out what qualifications are acceptable, they launched it 18 months ago so that anyone who need to acquire those qualifications could do so.
It's defiantly free.
And no I'm not keen on a big council badge round my neck so let's hope its asthetically pleasing! X
Qualifications are ITEC, VTCT, NVQ, Diploma

Not one day courses or product training.
You say not 1 day courses but some 1 day courses are diploma

How would the council know the difference and I have to say I think excluding 1 day courses is wrong. 1 day courses have a place and can be just as educating as a longer course as long as the person taking it chooses to practice and research the treatment they have decided to train in.

If my council brought this kind of thing in I would join - If I was allowed with most of my qualifications being 1 day or short courses. I'd be happy to carry & show the membership card but not to wear on show it all the time.
Any sort of licensing or tighter control in the industry in the UK is great and I like to read things like this.
It just says 1 day courses are not normally accepted on their own,

I'm just reading the blurb x
I spoke to the licence lady the other day. She was emphatic that one day courses will only be accepted if there is an underpinning NVQ or equivalent qualification.
Mobiles and home therapists won't be required to register tho, so it's pretty meaningless as most salons wouldn't employ someone with just one day of training for each treatment.
That's where I'm confused because On the website it says mobile therapists aren't required to have one,
But the guy I called today said they did and asked me where I had seen that they didn't! Errr on your web site. He said that wasn't right and amended it.
I'm going to apply anyway ( I'm mobile).
Will ask again when I take in my certificates, insurance etc...
The whole site is very contradictory! It def says not needed for mobiles or home based. None of the forms download properly, and the online application system doesnt work.
It looks like salons will have to sack staff until they have gone through the registration process, although I would be surprised at the council asking salons to do this.
I have just taken on a therapist who lives in a different bourough, so may have to llay her off until the registration process is complete for her.

To be honest, its a bloody mess of a system.

Dont try and get a job in Bromley is the message! The council will force you to be sacked until it has your ID, certs and personal data.
Not many jobs that would apply to.
Oh &#%?! Does this mean I have to sort that out as well...be nice if they could let us know these things from the beginning and not change it willy nilly! I have a Westminster licence and that took about 6 months to even be printed and sent to me cause they kept faffing and kept confusing themselves. Looking forward to more emails of: this is completely unacceptable from a council. Hmph x
Surely there must be some leeway on new therapists starting from other boroughs,
It's not been very well advertised anyway, the only reason I knew about it was because I was working in a local salon up until last October otherwise I probably wouldnt have heard about it.
And if as the council suggest it is to protect clients how on earth are they going to know that their therapist should have a badge?? X
The guy who apparently was amending the website to include mobile therapists in it hasn't done so and therefore I'm in 2 minds whether to waste time registering for something I potentially don't need or not. Think I will incase I ever decide to apply for a job in a salon but I think it should be necessary. Boroughs should work together anyway as if someone is qualified to work in one they should be automatically able to work in another. There should be a nationwide thing.
Isn't this soooo typical of councils - they expect us to jump through hoops to abide by their rules (which they themselves do not understand), and then can't even get themselves together enough to create a comprehensive website that WORKS!

It makes me so mad!!!! :mad:

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